Untitled-3MOUND is a Heavy/Hard Rock band formed in Denpasar, Bali in 2014 by vocalist Adyt Dimas, guitarist Owen Dihardja, bassist Ida Bagus Ananta, and drummer Ijal Alfriansyah. Most of the member except Owen Dihardja was former member of the garage rock band Dover Clover from Denpasar, Bali. Though the concept is still under
influence of rock characteristic, they formed a different concept in musical-style, lyric, and composition of music of the band which slower in tempo, heavier note, and darker lyric. The band is closer to the compositions inspired by Heavy Rock, Desert Rock and Acid Rock, and mostly heavy and fuzzy. The desire to reproduce the sounds that characterized 60’s to 80’s, about the golden age for rock music.
History: Formation and Early Recording Adyt Dimas, Ida Bagus Ananta, and Ijal Alfriansyah was former member of the garage rock band, Dover Clover from Denpasar, Bali. They broke up when one of their guitarist left the group to join the army in 2010. They become idle for several years. Adyt Dimas joined the progressive rock band Amber & The Greyscale and he left as the matter of different goal of musical career. Ida Bagus Ananta joined the band Aeroplane & The Stars but left the band as soon as he joined MOUND.

Ijal Alfriansyah formed the band Aeroplane & The Stars formerly with Owen Dihardja, and asked Akmil Asril, and Ida Bagus Ananta to join, but Owen Dihardja left because of different musical style in 2014. Soon after the incident, the four discuss about creating heavy music and heavy lyric and they jammed before determined the name of the band until Adyt Dimas came up with the name before their first gig in Twice Bar, Kuta, Bali in late 2014. They currently working for their first EP titled “The Four Fundamental States of Matter” and will be released in 2016. Owen Dihardja and Ida Bagus Ananta mostly collaborate to create music composition for the album, and
as for the lyric, Owen Dihardja create the original words and Adyt Dimas modify to be adapted to his vocal. Their musical style and lyric influenced by several bands as Sleep, Albatross Overdrive, Nebula, Kyuss, The Cosmic Dead, Mars Red Sky, Stone Temple Pilots, Black Rainbow, Om, Electric Wizard, Nirvana, Soundgarden.

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