Array, a techno producer from Jakarta who represents the concrete industrial and aggresive sound from the capital city of Indonesia will be releasing his debut Dismal EP via DEAD Records 5th release.

“Dismal” is the first single off of Array’s “Dismal EP”, which will be first aired on April 25th, 2017 on DEADREC’s soundcloud. Here’s the secret soundcloud link for you to listen the promo.

From his journey as DTX in Jakarta Bass and D’n’B scene, Array’s debut as a techno producer delivers  powerful techno music through Dismal EP. Inspired by the concrete jungle of the capital, the complexity, and noises from the slump, DIsmal EP contains 4 tracks that is not for fainted heart. Pure agressive and repetitive techno with hypnotic melody followed with dark vibe, the EP is perfect to play with volume above eleven in the underground tunnel or abandoned warehouse.

With the acknowledgement from many DJs and producers, no doubt Array will conquer Jakarta underground scene soon enough.

Please find enclosed a secret link for listening the EP attached below. The EP will be release on May 25th, 2017 via any streaming digital platform. We’d love you to be the first listener and give us a review and feedback.



Twitter     : https://twitter.com/dead_rec

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/deadrec/


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