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Wakai Is Pleased To Announce Collaborationwith the Keith Haring FoundationJakarta, September, 2015 – As a footwear brand that has evolved since its inception in 2011, Wakai has become known for the mix of easy living concept and playful prints. The brand is acknowledging the art industry and taking inspirations from designer’s creative processes. This season, Wakai allies with artist Keith Haring in a collection producing few limited shoes for the love’s sake of art. This collaboration could not find a better pairing aesthetically and conceptually for it is Wakai’s aim to further Haring’s colorful boldly sketched block figures and prints into Wakai canvases and apparels. Keith Haring was an artist and activist who frequently used his art to speak out about social issues. He was one of the best artists whose work responded to urban street culture in the 80’s. Haring developed a distinct pop-graffiti aesthetic centered on fluid, bold outlines against a dense, rhythmic overspread of imagery. He established the Keith Haring Foundation in 1989 to provide funding and imagery to AIDS organizations, and to ensure that his philanthropic legacy would help sustain, expand, and protect Haring’s art and his ideals.About WakaiWakai is born to satiate the lifestyle of the young dynamic spirited individuals, creating products that are carefully crafted with passion and dedication in the fused of Japanese aspiration. Authentic, comfortable, stylish yet affordable are the philosophies of Wakai, giving the complete experience of casual and fashionable looks for day-to-day wear. Wakai ライフスタイル (pronounced ‘Wakai Raifustairu’) derives from the Japanese word of “Young Lifestyle”.



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