Kuta-Bali: After boasting a whopping 132 kids across four divisions at the Volcom TCT Tour 2016 Geckofish opener at Lembeng Beach in April, the Flying Fish event held at Berawa Beach yesterday eclipsed that number to push a new record of 145 contestants. The future of Indonesian surfing was definitely seen at Berawa Beach! 
Berawa Beach (usually abbreviated to just Brawa) provided the perfect venue for such a massive crew of groms, allowing a double bank format with two sets of judges to ensure that all the kids had a chance to compete in this one-day event, as there were West Coast contestants from as far north as Medewi and as far south as Uluwatu joining in the fun.

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The action got underway at about 8:00 am with 3-5 foot glassy conditions and a medium-high tide, so there were plenty of waves on both peaks that allowed groms of all abilities to test themselves and try for their spot in the final. With the super high mid morning tide, the bigger sets pushed water almost up to the retaining wall and a few times water rushed into the judges tents, but no damage was done except for a few sandals being swept out to see. 

And as the day progressed and the tide started going out the waves provided longer rides and more high performance surfing, which the crowd gathered along the beach enjoyed while cheering on their favorite surfers. Soon it was time for the finals, led off by the Girls Division. 

Getting her second win at a Volcom event was Volcom team rider Giada Legati, who set the bar high with her first wave and never looked back, carving deep turns and getting long rides all the way to the beach. Towards the end of the heat Taina Hinckel gave her a challenge by posting a 9 point ride (10 points is a perfect ride), but couldn’t find a second high scoring wave, needing only an average wave (5 points) to take over first place. 

“I knew if I wanted to win I had to get a really good left,” explained Giada. “And I’m so lucky that I got two good ones that ran all the way to the sand on the inside. Summa (Longbottom) was in second place for most of the final so I knew she could get me if I didn’t keep active, and then Taina got that big score… so it was a tough final to win for sure. It’s my second Volcom win so I’m really happy, my year is going great so far!” 

In the Under 13’s final it was Tenshi Ishii who came back to the beach in first place, managing to hold off charges by Ryuki Waida, Ben Benson and Deva, who were all within less than half a point of each other vying for second place. When the horn blew it was Tenshi in first and Ryuki in second, with Ben and Dewa in third and fourth. Lots of waves were ridden and at any point it seemed like the win could have been anybody’s with these amazing kids. 

The Under 16 Division final saw the wind picking up but Brawa Beach still offering up both rights and lefts in abundance, and Canggu’s Kian Martin took full advantage attacking each wave with his aggressive but smooth and mature style to rack up the two highest waves for a total of 13 points, winning by a significant margin over runner up Louis Bomba whose two wave total was 8.23. 

The Pro Am Division saw some fierce competition in challenging conditions as the wind and the low tide required smart wave selection and maximizing each waves scorning potential. Padma Beach’s Nyoman “Blacky’ Satria jumped into the lead early until Kuta Beach’s Mega Artana tapped the best wave of the final unleashing 6 huge backside turns on a righthander to post a 7.33 score and take the lead and then the win, relegating Blacky to the runner up spot. 

“It was really hard out there with all those good surfers and a six man final,” said Mega. “I’m so lucky I got that one good wave, but I really couldn’t hear the score because of the wind…so I knew I had to keep trying harder all the way to the end. I got another ok score and it was enough, but wish I could have gotten one more high scoring wave like my best one!

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With the prize presentations and giveaways done by just after 4:00 pm, it was an amazing day at Berawa Beach for the Volcom TCT Flying Fish event. “This is the first time we’ve ever done an event at Berawa Beach, said Volcom Marketing Manager Raymond Jansen. “Conditions were good but maybe could have been better, and we had an even bigger turnout than at our last event at 145 kids! Our crew handled it all so I’m stoked with how it all turned out, well done to the team and to the surfers…I love it!” 

All the finalists in all divisions at the Flying Fish event gain automatic entry into the TCT Indonesia Final, which will take place on Halfway Beach in Kuta on August 14. New for this year at all Volcom Totally Crustaceous events is the sanctioning of the Under 16 division by the Asian Surfing Championships, where the Under 16 groms will get points in each Volcom event towards the 2016 ASC Junior Division Championship. 

And up for grabs at the Volcom Totally Crustaceous Final in Kuta is 35 million rupiah in prize money, along with 5 surfboards from Voodoo and all kinds of goodies from Volcom, Carve, FCS, Bali Wacks, Sunny Daze Zink Sunblock, and last but not least each winner and runner up will receive 3 days/2 nights at FRii Hotel in Echo Beach.

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