Paradise Youth Club has unveiled their latest collection entitled The United States of
Paradise. This time the new collection is inspired with deeper concern that we are
living in a devastating time where the world as a whole has been getting incrementally
less peaceful with numerous military conflicts going on globally. Many government
establishment’s disastrous addiction to war and its squandering of resources and
civilians on militarism, all just for the sake of power balance and the profit of natural
resources, has raised a question on the world’s present status quo.

The new designs bring conspicuous messages about the issue through a range of
apparel such as sweater with the words Talking To The Children About Nuclear War
emblazoned on or the Cash Can’t Rule shirt. PYC’s rhetoric makes us rethink is the war
worth fighting for? Is one nation’s sense of pride and exceptionalism a justification for
the brazen oil hunt that sacrifices thousands of lives? The United States of Paradise
addresses this problem as a wishful longing for a peaceful world. It is a statement of
anxiety about reality and discussion about democracy because at the end of the day money can never buy happiness.



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