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A popular toy among numerous celebrities, Investist’s Hovertrax came into the rideable market with a bang earlier on this year when Chris Brown was seen riding around on it in Cannes. The likes of Justin Bieber, J.R. Smith, Migos and Jamie Foxx were also seen riding the auto-balancing electric transporter in recent months, but its success has seemingly come at the expense of one of its main competitors Segway Inc. According to a recent report the New Hampshire-based company is suing Investist for willingly violating Segway’s existing patents. In essence, the Hovertrax is simply a cheaper and more portable version of the original Segway so the striking similarities in functionality do raise a few eyebrows. It remains to be seen how this dispute will end up playing out, but if Segway does successfully plead its case, it would certainly spell the end for the Hovertrax.

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