beat-carolineFrench band The Beat Caroline blends an intoxicating fusion of blues and folk to make for an unusual but addictive concoction !! One part ethereal, one part rock ’n’ roll, the band leans heavily on FANI’s sultry and assured vocals.

The name is a nod to the ‘beat’ generation, and the renowned UK pirate radio station ‘Caroline’, a nod to the influence of the music of the 60s on the group.

The band was formed in 2013 with Alexis Ferreira and Jib Lighton. Alexis, who plays guitar and bass guitar, composes the majority of the songs, sometimes lyrics take inspiration from poets. Jib is the drummer and the second guitarist.

Following from that, the band expanded with Brazilian Marcel d’Olive (violin and piano) and singer FANI coming onboard.

The band have also been involved in a number of collaborations with artists, some of which are based overseas, the most recent being with Irish vocalist Fiona Dunkin on the the EP “Fragments”.



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