The band was started in late 2008 where we [Abi, Bayu, Bena, & Kiky] decide to make music together under the name of Siberian Redsocks. In earlier period (2008-2011) they used to be a pop punk band with Blink 182 & All Time Low as their major influence. As time flew by, they had launched 4 singles where you guys still can give them a listen in our soundcloud page. In 2011 they once trapped in our inconsistency period that forced us to not make music for unidentified time, distance and academical duty each member were the main reason for that. After all, the story began again in January 2015 where the founding members decide to make music again and change the concept of the band, and that time they intent to make their EP debut with Newborn as the title. Unfortunately one of their member cannot involved much longer during the project due his job business as a pilot, but the show must go on so they decide to recruit their friend from same high school as keyboard player named Fikri to complete their new concept.

NB: Single mereka bisa didengarkan di kolom SINGLE FIGHTER (kanan atas webzine ini) tengkyu ^^


Instagram : @sibsocksofficial

Twitter : @sibsocks

Official Band LINE :

Facebook :

Booking Contact :

Contact Person : Abi (085921311123)/Kiky (081291733348)


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