Paradise Youth Club membawa keluar koleksi terbarunya dalam definisi langka; mendefinisikan mimpi, sebagai penghargaan untuk mereka yang mencari realitas.

// June 2nd 2015, being different isn’t always an easy task. Whether you’re a person, or a brand, standing on the side of the norms we knew is always a problem. As brand, Paradise has evolved so much since its birth early this year, but we are still the same thing you knew that day you saw us virtually, or in the real world. We were estranged for our differences in making that pattern or designs that was different.
That issue brought us to the discovery of these so-called “strange society”, a bunch of people with minds and vision beyond our normal reach. These people have spent half their life trying to find reality. At least the reality that we define, the patterns of thoughts that the majority of people think was right. But in the end nothing they do manage to help them overcome their fear of being exiled.
To those in search of reality, this is out tribute, depicted in images of distorted reality, from bipolar patterns to bright fancy colors that indulge us in reality. The League of Spiritual Discovery not only defines what it means to be different, but also how it feels to be different, and in the end how to cope and oversee differences not as an obstacle but as a bridge to found another place in another reality.


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