1Here’s some news from the Balinese community living in a town just outside the metropolitan of Jakarta! In the spirit of celebrating the diversity and rich culture in Indonesia, the youth of the Balinese Hindu community of Kertajaya Temple in Tangerang, West Java has decided to perform their role as a creative young generation by organizing a charity event in their area.

This community’s fundraising evening has been as an annual event taking place at Kertajaya Temple for several years now. However, this year they decided to create something bigger and better, and they stepped up their game by putting in their full effort to present a concert at the Tangerang Ballroom of Hotel Allium, Tangerang, Banten on May 14, 2016. Representing their roots, they decided that the event should showcase Balinese art and culture, which led them to this year’s theme, “One Night in Bali”.

To live up to the theme as well as the organizer’s intention to present a line-up to represent Bali’s very own artists, “One Night in Bali” will bring their audience to enjoy a live experience with the island’s word-class maestro Balawan and Batuan Ethnic Fusion, followed by the local musician Nanoe Biroe who is known for his catchy music and lyrics which often spread messages related to environment issues and preservation, along with a number of other Balinese artists.

The evening will also be made more colorful by the various Balinese traditional dance and music performances, food stalls offering a selection of traditional Balinese bites which have started to get a little hard to find nowadays, and simply the little touches here and there to bring a bit more of Bali to the audience.

So, enough said! If you happen to be in Jakarta or Jabodetabek area and feeling in the mood to have a taste of Bali’s stage performances, you know where to go!

Tickets start at IDR. 500.000,- and can be ordered at phone number +6281289011950 (I Made Sulandra) or +6285691810916 (I Made Genta Wedangga).


Instagram: @PERMUDHITA

Phone: 0821-1324-5697

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