ODDOwyha is an Indonesian artist currently based in Bali. his identity became a
certain genre inspired by the ocean. Owyha creates magic of the big blu
symbolized by an orca named Lakmus. Introducing the society to orca as
another symbol for yin and yang as a perception of balance inside the ocean.
He also uses thunders to illustrate zeus by perceiving the image of his
father and other elements such as rain, pineapple palm, beams and
continuously adding more elements as he connects himself with the flux of
the oceans. He believes that the ocean has an honest liberation for the
inhabitant inside as the way they are without being affected by any
progressive energy from the above.

In this exhibition he shares his perspective as an invitation for everyone
to believe that anyone could create their own perception upon the never
ending story.
So let’s talk about magic, The magic of the big blu.

Michelle Rhodes is an australian/indonesian photographer raised in the
capital city of jakarta. Her passion for photography emerged when she
studied in perth australia back in 2007. Her style is boldy beautiful
capturing images of nakedness soul and the beauty in nature. Her love for
the ocean brought her to bali.

In this collaboration with owhya on the magic of the big blu exhibition
she’ll be capturing underwater images based on feelings and the experience
of living soul; because for her, the ocean is mysteriously unpredictable yet
also intriguing. In her perspective.. Magic of the big blu is an ocean of
emotions in life.

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