For those of us who wonder ‘is local Hip Hop still alive?’, well i can tell you that Hip Hop is still alive and getting complex. 



Through the new local hip hop artist named Luo Endo, we pretty much can expect something more stylish and advance. 



Like he’s just came out of nowhere and caught some attentions with his unique and pretty rare style. I almost couldn’t believe my ears when i found out that he is an Indonesian with that kind of style.



Started rapping since 2002, he had dropped some singles and freestyles over some well known songs like on Far East Movement’s track ‘like a g6’ and my favorite one, his freestyle on Gugun Blues Shelter’s Set My Soul on Fire. He even drops freestyle on Agnezmo’s Paralyzed. 



His (not) so new single ‘Hands Up’ brings up a very intense word play and metaphors, with tongue twisting style.



Still, unlike most local hip hop artist i have heard, Luo Endo is quite something for the new skool era of local Hip Hop and local music scene.



The way he delivers words with his deep low bass voice makes the difference and yet his choice of words put him on another level. 



Can we get more from him?



I hope we can, for those of you who want to check this guy out for yourself you can visit his soundcloud, at soundcloud.com/luoendo or reverbnation.com/luoendo or just like his quote from his twitter (@luo_endo) bio ‘google him bxtchxs’.



Latest news from him, he’s been working on his debut album, he was kind enough to let us know what’s the title of it, it’s gonna be ‘THE1%ER’.