posterBandung needs an event where crowds can enjoy different types of artists and environment to put Bandung on the map on a national and international level. Events in Bandung needs to reflect for the creative and exceptional town that it is. THE Group is humbly present you, LaLaLa Festival: The FIRST International Forest Festival in Indonesia. LaLaLa Festival came about to shift the paradigm that is currently occurring in Bandung. An event of LaLaLa Festival’s caliber and concept has never been done in all of Indonesia. LaLaLa Festival is a representative of the greeneries and cool airthat issurrounding Bandung. Itis an event that will be attended not just forthe attraction and entertainment value but also for the climate and unique scene.

Located in Cikole Pine Forest, Lembang; Bandung, LaLaLa Festival will be held on 5th November, 2016 with an internation forest festival theme. The location is surrounded by tall pine trees and the quite sound of the wind. LaLaLa Festival gives a new ambiance for the Millennial crowd to enjoy. It is the first event in Indonesia that delivers a different experience. Where else can a forest be used in such a way as a channel that administers live music concerts and carnival, furthermore it is a place where one is able to enjoy a cool and breezy weather.

“LaLaLa Festival is not only going to create an environment that is relaxing for visitors by proving them with food and beverages but also a lively and exciting atmosphere of interactive games. The ambiance at night will be created by placing colorful lights all around chosen locationsin the forest for visitorsto enjoy”,said Adhitya Bryan, Project Leader of LaLaLa Festival. We provide you all the forest festival stuff that you need, from Carnival, Live music featuring International Lineup with more than one stage, Amusement Park (rodeo, ferris wheel), Food festival, Camp site, Hammocks, Bonfire, Video Mapping, Grand Decoration, and many more!

Not only the concept that will give you an exclusive experience, KODALINE will also exclusively perfrom for the first time in Indonesia. What hasn’t changed since the four friends from Swords became famous is the emotional power of their music and the connection it commands with fans. It’s why Kodaline broke out of Ireland before they’d ever set foot overseas, when the video for All I Want, the title track of their 2012 debut EP, took off on YouTube. First licensed by Grey’s Anatomy, All I Want recently appeared on the soundtrack of box-office smash The Fault In Our Stars (the book’s best-selling author John Greene is a big fan of the band.) Other songs from In A Perfect World continue to crop up on soundtracks – Pray currently appears on the trailer for Horns, starring Daniel Radcliffe and both Perfect World and Brand New Day appear on Gogglebox every week!

Another Headliners, Keith Ape, a South Korean rapper who made his notorious song “It G Ma” featuring a quartet of Korean and Japanese artists, the song became viral and has successfully made a mark in the Worldwide hip-hop scene. Our youtube sensation who has hundred million of viewers on youtube through her cover song, Jasmine Thompson, will perform at LaLaLa Festival with her particularly smoky, eerie voice. Naxxos and MYMP will be also your perfect companion in the middle of the forest, only at LaLaLa Festival. The Indonesian Musicians will also be performing for LaLaLa Festival, from Maliq & D’Essentials, Teza Sumendra, HMGNC, Float, Payung Teduh, and Kimokal. Since we still have more artists to be announced, we want to let you know that we still have more surprise from the national and also the international artists.


All the tickets can be purchased via our official website Tent and Cottage packages are also available on our website so you don’t have to worry to get some rest while the party goes along. The gate will be open at 12pm and for the early entry must enter before 3pm.

For more information you may reach us through:

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