ITBAt this time of the year, several high school students who are in third grade will soon graduate from their respective schools. They will go through several tests, both from their school and the government before they are officially declared as alumni. After that, they should decide on their own whether they should continue their studies in colleges or apply their knowledge directly into the business world.

Most students, especially in Indonesia, choose to continue their study in colleges so they will become more prepared once they dive into their respective jobs and professions. The hardest part of it all is to choose which major and also which college will support them in achieving their dreams. They must not be trapped in the wrong path of their career and must be able to choose the field that suits their interest. This will help them be more prepared to enter the competitive career world. Also, the fact that the ASEAN Economic Community or AEC has been launched, with no doubt will increase the rate of competitiveness.

With these circumstances, Institut Teknologi Bandung or ITB, being one of the most renowned colleges in Indonesia, always gives an opportunity to those who want to succeed in the career world, by giving the best quality of education and also a place for people to improve their soft skills. For those students who has an interest in enrolling to ITB or for those who are still unsure whether to enroll or not, ITB will hold an annual event named ITB Day. It will be held on the 7th of February 2016 on the campus itself (Jalan Ganesha Nomor 10, Bandung). There will be many exhibition and also seminars to feed on the curiosities about ITB and everything inside it. It is a free entry event and is specifically for those who want to know more about ITB.

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