Jatuh cinta dengan Indonesia membuat band pop punk asal Perancis ini kembali lagi mengunjungi Indonesia untuk ketiga kalinya. Kali ini mereka akan menjali tour ke kota-kota di Indonesia dalam rangka promo tour video klip yang baru dirilis, dan rencana pembuatan album EP barunya. Okay ini dia interview kami dengan mereka tentang tour dan rencana album barunya.

Hallo guys .. welcome back to Indonesia. This was the third visit here. Right?
Hallo Mave Magazine,Yeah we already came in 2011 and 2012 to promote our debut album “Everybody Needs to Have a Dream”. It was amazing! We had the chance to play at JakCloth, to open for Endank Soekamti and also to play live on RadioShow on TV One among many other events. We could not wait longer to come back again!

What always missing in Indonesia?
We were missing the chill atmosphere and easygoing people here. Indonesia is our favorite country. But we did not miss macet in Jakarta !

You just released a new music video “Can not Forget” Can you tell?
The song from our new music video is the first single of our upcoming EP. The music video has been directed by Mayol, the media director of Vans who previously worked with tons of talented bands such as the Foo Fighters, Parkway Drive, and most of the skateboarding & BMX legends. It has really been an immense honor to collaborate with him!
The song was recorded at Studio La Vache in France and has been produced, engineered and mixed by Ayumu Matsuo. Finally, it has been mastered in New York at Sterling Sound by Ted Jensen (Green Day, SUM 41, A Day To Remember…).

It was such an amazing experience to collaborate with all these awesome guys, as a self-produced band! We gave the best of ourselves and we can’t wait for you guys to hear this new song from our soon-to-be released EP.
You can check it out here:

How about the tour guys. How many cities are you going to visit? And which cities?
Our tour will start on August 15 and we will play about 17 shows in Jakarta, Bekasi, Tangerang, Bogor, Bandung, Banjarnegara, Jogjakarta, Madiun, Malang, Kuta, Denpasar… We wanted to play as many shows as possible, so sometimes we will even play twice gigs the same day.

What made you fall in love with this country, to have to come back here?
Being out on the road touring and meeting new people is what we like best about playing. We came here for the first time in 2011 to discover new culture and influences, and we directly fell in love with the crowd. People are always very welcoming and their support is incredible. So we like to come back here every time we can! Also, Indonesia is such a beautiful country and we always enjoy travelling around to discover new wonderful places.

Okay. How do you upcoming EP album?
It will represent our most accomplished work until now.
We worked a lot on this EP at each step of the process and particularly upstream of the recording, to really produce the best songs we can. Across the years, we have built a strong international team to collaborate with us. We worked with Ayumu Matsuo for the recording process and the mixing. We know each other since a long time now and he always knows how to add the icing on the cake on our songs, thanks to his experience. Our EP will be mastered in the US, so it will be a project very multi-cultural.

When will it be released?
We will release it in January, digitally and both on cds and vinyls.

Could you describe about your new album?
Each song will bring a different atmosphere and style, from pop to rock and punk. We want to make people feel different emotions, and bring them into our universe, with personal stories.

What the difference this album with the first album?
We learnt many things while producing our first album. So for the upcoming record, we have used our past experience to make the best we can. The sound will be more powerful than on our first album, and the songs will be less cheesy
Our influences have also evolved, as we wanted to propose something different, and more modern.


Bali, became one of the places to be visited are also in the list of your tour. There is an interesting experience here?
Bali is the hometown of Superman Is Dead, which is one of our favorite bands, so we are always very excited to play there! As we really enjoy the beautiful landscape of the island, we have shot some parts of our music videos “No Way To Go” and “Sitting On the Sand” the last time we came here, to bring back with us some frames of this paradise. Our best experience ever in Bali will be end of this August, but it’s still a secret 😉 Stay tuned on our social media to not miss the news!

What bands do you know here?
In Bali we know and enjoy Superman Is Dead, Devildice, Nymphea, King Of Panda, and outside of Bali : Rocket Rockers, Endank Soekamti, Netral, Pee Wee Gaskins, Sweet As Revenge, Thirteen, Last Child, Saint Loco, our good friends Remember Of Today, and many others… We know and support a lot of Indonesian bands Okay, last word We always love to connect with our fans and other bands. Actually, we are very involved in social media, so don’t hesitate to ask us anything, we will reply you for sure! Also, we always like to get feedback and advice, because we always want to improve our performances. So please feel free to come chat and chill with us! We are waiting for you on the road!

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