PROJECT XOne of the biggest and most unique dance & music festival in Bali, BLUE MOON Festival become one of the most wanted music festival for everyone. Located on a secluded beach in Serangan makes the best venue for the event, giving space for more than 5.000 to gather and have an awesome time! BLUE MOON Festival is named after the event date, 21 May 2016, on a special full-moon evening on Blue Moon oracle.
“Blue Moon” is the second full moon that rises on a month. It happens because sometimes the number of days in a calendar month are greater than the cycle of the moon, which is 29.5 days. This phenomena happen only 15 times in 20 years. And the next blue moon night is on 21-5-2016 make a perfect moment to decorate the night with the most unforgettable and most festive party!
More than 10 local Djs, one National Dj and one World Dj make a massive range on the crowd and diversity of the music. The festival combines atmospheric approach; chill-out evening with reggae, continue with house music and electronic dance experience. Local DJ’s God Stone Market, No Footure, DJ Indra K, DJ Ebby (Aeonex), DJ Gween, Denys Andrew, Jaux Ion, Sol Felix and DJ Wisdy spin the night with unstoppable fun. National Dj, Dipha Barus come together for a perfect hype along the evening. And at last, one of the 100 World Djs, Wolf Pack, who was performing at Tomorrow Land 2015 Brazil, become the main performance of the festival liven the night with mystical spirit through this blue moon night.

2Not only the music, but there also be video-mapping attraction, sling-stage decoration, sexy dancers, lazer dancers and food trucks section. Food trucks will become a different touch on the festival. This section is served to elevate the creativity of local-young-people presenting their creation on beautiful and most delightful food and beverages.
Affordable tickets are opened on different gates, offering various type of enjoyment served-well to participant’s pocket. Tickets starts form 350.000 IDR to 8.000.000 IDR with different benefits, facilities and access. Detail for the tickets category can be seen on or chat conversation through facebook
This event is proudly presented by Project X Bali, a local event production which has succeeded to hold similar events at Balangan Beach on 2012 and Mertasari Beach on 2014, gathering more than 2.500 crowd on each event. “Every event make its own spirit, the last two years has been rave, and this year will be the most different and most unique party, combining all types of music genre serving different need of the souls,” state Anom Prabawa, the Event Director.
1About Project X Bali
Project X Bali is a full-scope event production and organizer company which has been operating for six years. Project X Bali operates events from a starting point that a festival is more than just a party, it serves a social purpose. Specialty on creating ideas, concept and style blend the local culture, fuse in its heritage and wealth of arts. The events become the melting point of our local DJs, musicians and artists, come together on a magical fusion with national and international performers to serve an experience you will never forget!

After successfully presenting the two previous rave parties with more than 2.500 ticket sold on each of the events, this year Project X Bali will bring the magic with new concept of party festival! More than ten local DJs, musician and artists will take part together with national and international performers take through the ultimate music and dance festival experience.

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