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BAWA*Aku is an extraordinary concept label, shipped all over the world but manufactured in Bali, Indonesia. BAWA*Aku support fair-trade, local handicraft and recycling, due to awareness of pollution issues and the maintenance of the legacy of traditions. Specialized in all time favorite models with an ignorant twist using unique, handwoven ikat fabrics from Timor and other materials like per example recycled rubber or rice bags to finish of with the finest handpicked leathers. BAWA*Aku value different or artistic ideas, so we welcome collaborations as our force of drive. BAWA*Aku want each piece to become an extension of your individual personality. As all items are tailor-made, each piece is a one of a kind show stopper to ‘out-wauw’ yourself from the crowd. BAWA*Aku is translated from the Indonesian language as ‘Take Me’ or ‘Bring Me’. And they care to believe that one can make a statement by staying true to yourself by exposing who you are.

instagram/facebook : bawaaku

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