The Bali Mixing Championships 2016

Location: Beachwalk Shopping Mall – Fountain Stage Level 1. Date: July 11- 17

Time: 7 – 9:30 PM

Age Restrictions: Open.

The Event

The missing link in Bali’s music industry and DJ community is finally here – The annual Bali Mixing Championships 2016. Bali’s is world famous for its creativeness across all the platforms and now a awards ceremony and competition of international standard touches down acknowledging the essential part (the DJ) of a industry that is currently experience a massive growth in Bali (entertainment and nightclubs). Beachwalk Shopping Mall is the most convenient and logistically located space for hosting an event of this caliber due to its world-class facility and services that are on every tourists bucket list with a high amount and turnover of both local and expat visitors on a daily basis. With the end of Ramadan syncronising with the timing of this event Bali Mixing Championships provides a week long entertainment schedule that will interest & entertain shoppers from all walks of life.

Target Audience – Before The Event:

The promotional plan we shall be putting in place will be aiming to reach a wider and varied audience. Although the material will be aimed at targeting young adults who are interested in break dancing, street art, hip-hop, and the DJ culture, people not fitting into this category will still inevitably be exposed to our promotions. This will therefore add wider advertising opportunities for sponsors& clients by reaching more people. The benefit is association with a small to medium scale fresh event who’s main focus is to aid and support young up and coming talent& will result in an excellent image for any sponsors or clients involved, showing they care about the future of young people


Event Schedule:

Monday July 11. DJ School Exhibition & Sound Check for all contestants.


U18 DJ competition heats 15 minutes. Wednesday Hip Hop &Turntablism heats 15 minutes.


Hip Hop &Turntablism heats 15 minutes


Female competition heats 15 minutes


Friday Open Club Format Saturday Finals 15 minutes x 2 each category.



15 minutes x 2 each category.

Sunday Guest DJ &contestants performances.

Registration& Check in 6:30pm daily. Dj starting 4:30 pm every day. Entertainment from 4:30pm – 10pm daily.

Judges: High profile International and local DJS and onsite activation & online poll

Hosted by MC spicy

For all contestants enter here


Bali Urban Arts Experience offers a very unique platform of exposure – gathering brands, fashion, craft and products from both local & overseas. Located at the best address in Bali – Beachwalk Shopping Mall, your hard work & your product is now where it belongs. The oppurtunity to showcase your project in front of the direct customer & audience while furthering your message and success. With 27 strategically located stalls right in the prime location of Bali’s busiest shopping hub, now is the time for your business to take the step! For all enquires, availability please contact us on the details below.




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For all contestants enter here

For all enquires and expressions of interest please contact:

David Willis – +62 81999700377

IntanArifani 0821 465 92388

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