Home security has become a top priority for homeowners, as break-ins are still a common worry worldwide. While security and peace of mind come hand in hand, the process of maintaining and keeping up with a system is often a burden. Despite the technological advancements in security systems and surveillance, an autonomous system seems like the best bet to ensure that your home is safe without any upkeep. In comes Angee, the first truly autonomous home security system. Angee automatically arms and disarms when you leave/return, and includes 360 degree surveillance, voice recognition, motion sensor, recording and so much more. Its battery also ensures that during power outages your home is still secure. Additionally, Angee has a privacy mode to stop recording/turn around when you need a moment — dispelling worries of constant surveillance. Coupled with an intuitive and easy to use mobile experience, Angee is heralding in a new age of security.

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